Reconstructing AlBared Now! اعمار البارد الآن

After two years of destroying Nahr ElBared refugee camp, its residents were delighted to hear that the reconstruction plan was about to become a reality. However, once it was launched, the Lebanese government has suspended the reconstruction of Nahr ElBared, AGAIN!!!

Support Nahr ElBared’s refugees right to return to their camp and houses and end the siege of the camp by the Lebanese army.

nahr albared

For Reconstructing Bared Immediately!

A call for a civil demonstration in solidarity with the residents of Nahr el Bared after the halting of the reconstruction of their camp
Wednesday September 16, 2009/ 11:00 a.m.
Gathering at al-Nour Plazza/ Tripoli

Organized by: The Civil Advocacy Committee for Nahr el Bared


8 responses to “Reconstructing AlBared Now! اعمار البارد الآن

  1. so happy you posted this, but make sure to remember to make your links active so people can click on them to read your sources!

  2. does anyone know what happened with the demo today?

  3. mlokheyaresistance

    Have no idea… will check as soon as possible!

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  6. The anarchist media collective a-films has produced about a dozen short films in Nahr al-Bared. Its most recent films deal with the issues of reconstruction, unemployment, temporary housing and with the effects of the siege on Nahr al-Bared’s economy. They’re available online here:
    “Two Years Under Siege”
    “A Sip of Coffee”

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