In a protest against Egypt’s siege on Gaza, Lebanon proves to be an ARAB regime

Another time, Lebanon proves to be just like any other Arab regime, where civilians are oppressed, attacked and their freedoms taken away from them by the state authorities. Today, more than 200 protesters from leftist political parties and independent activists were demonstrating at the Egyptian Embassy in Beirut against the “Wall of Shame” built by the Egyptian authorities at the Gaza Strip. The demonstration was a peaceful one for almost an hour. The whole time, Lebanese Internal Security Forces (ISF), Army and riot police (قوى مكافحة الشغب) were gathered up around the embassy to stop the protesters from getting near it. After an hour, clashes broke between the soldiers and the protesters. When the protesters tried to spread away, soldiers of the ISF, riot police and the army ran towards the protesters attacking, chasing and beating them up. Many of the protesters were injured and severely hurt. They were attacking everyone violently, and specifically three girls. They arrested 2 guys from the Lebanese Communist Party but then let them go in an hour or so.
This was not the first time this happens in Lebanon. Last year, most protests were faced with water cannons and tear gas bombs. And this is fine, but what is unacceptable is when the protesters are chased and beaten up by these soldiers. And since when does the army interfere with civilian protests?! The faces of the Lebanese army soldiers were scary. They used extreme violence. Maybe it is time the army uses this violence against the real enemy, Israel, instead of the civilians who are supposed to be protected by the state authorities!
A letter has been written and is to be submitted to Lebanese minister Baroud by few independent Lebanese activists petitioning the army attack on the civilian protesters.
Respects to comrades,
Farah Kobaissi who was attacked by an army soldier and hit on her head while she was trying to take a video of the attacks on the protesters.
Nadine Beckdash who was trying to get a way from the army soldier who was chasing her trying to get his hands on her.
Two comrades from the Lebanese Communist Party who were badly beaten up, while bleeding, by numerous army soldiers.


5 responses to “In a protest against Egypt’s siege on Gaza, Lebanon proves to be an ARAB regime

  1. mlokheyaresistance

    Pictures of the protest:

  2. mlokheyaresistance

    Lebanese army beating up a Lebanese Civilian protester:

  3. Great report and analysis as always. This blog is just as good as Mlohkiya 🙂

  4. Bande de nazes vous voulez que l’armée libanaise attaque Israël?vous êtes prêt à subir les conséquences?

    you want really lebanease army to attaque Israel, you are able to pay the price?

    for whom, the fantasm of the arab nation or the arab people?

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